Development Kits

MtM's IoT Development Kit makes it extremely easy to connect your « thing » to the internet. Just pick the sensor you need, plug it in to your « thing », and our framework does all the work for your « thing » to talk to the connected world.

Our development kit is a complete system of hardware sensor and connectivity modules and cloud services to manage and make your connected devices more intelligent.

Core to our development kit is stackable HW (sensor and RF) modules which allow you to incorporate different sensors and modules in the same product. Our ready-to-use firmware for common applications will allow you to incorporate common use of the sensor functionalities in no time.

Applications don’t just stop here though. In fact, one main goal of our development kit is to spark your creativity. We made our modules Arduino-compatible to make it easy to create your own application. Our web-based development tool will make it even easier. With our wide range of sensor and connectivity modules, only your imagination is the limit!